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a personal review of the year

2001 was a year in which I turned 26, a year in which my daughter started nursery school, a year in which I followed my heart and started working for myself again, a year in which it all began to work out.

2001 bumbled past in my corner of the world, [...]

a new look

The regular visitor will note the minor redesign, I hope you like it and it works for you. Check out the new about this site section for more info.

There is now an option for all those who hate the purple – try the high contrast stylesheet from the right hand [...]

new toys

I haven’t posted the last few days due to having a new Linux box to install Debian and KDE on… yum! Give me 2 weeks before I’m moaning about it refusing to work… actually I still have to configure the sound card so make that two days.

I came across [...]

I've been ranting again

“.. we need to step back from our endless battle to make it look the same across all platforms. We can’t make our site look the same on a PDA as a 21” monitor, we can’t make our site ‘the same’ for someone on a speaking browser, and although [...]

Oooo ... a new Mozilla

Mozilla 0.9.7 has been released. I’m using it now and its lovely and fast. My one niggle with Netscape 6.2 is the fact that it is slow on my system in comparison to IE6 – Mozilla is beating IE6 hands down in terms of speed.. this is good.

The big blank screen

… that has been greeting my blog visitors for the last day was due to the fact that I wasn’t here as we rolled over into a new month.

I have been up to the cold North of the country visiting relatives, the Small Person has been duly spoiled rotten but [...]

long absences again...

It isn’t that I have nothing to write about, sometimes I come here, to add to this, and can’t think of how to say what I wanted to say.

The big project is all but finished, it should be live in a few days. Which is good because I have suddenly [...]

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