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Open University Results

Today I got the results of the Open University Courses that I studied this last year – AD317 (Religion Today, Tradition, Modernity and Change) and A297 (Reading Classical Latin).

I’m very happy to have got good passes for both subjects. I had convinced myself I had failed the Latin [...]

Calling Ms. Test

I had a phonecall yesterday,

“May I speak to Ms Test?”

I replied that there wasn’t any Ms. Test here, and that this was…. and there was silence at the end of the line. When she explained where she was calling from, all was made clear, as this particular [...]

quiet ...

I’ve not posted for a while, mainly because I’ve been a bit poorly, poorly enough to not get much work done which isn’t like me at all, as I normally work through anything.

So now I’m really busy, I was busy before and now it’s crazy! It’s ok though .. the [...]

Learning to drive

I’ve started to learn to drive. Where I now live people always assume that you drive. I lived in London for 5 years and in London people don’t presume that you have a car, because lots of people don’t. However here, everyone drives their is no local public transport to [...]

Turnip lanterns

When I was a kid, up in the North East of England, there was none of this pumpkin carving business, we were tough, we hollowed out turnips for our lanterns.

If you’ve ever tried to hollow out a turnip, you’ll know that a pumpkin is a much better option, pumpkins are [...]

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