Biography and Press Kit for Rachel Andrew

If you are looking for a biography for the conference website, or in order to introduce me on stage you can use any of the below. There are a couple of alternatives to highlight the things most interesting to attendees of different conferences. I’m not very precious about this stuff however so feel free to edit, add things (probably best if they are factually correct) or remove bits.

Links and information

Short Bio – web development focus

Rachel Andrew is a front and back-end web developer, author and speaker. Her books include the recent Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout and she is a regular contributor to a number of publications both on and offline. Rachel is co-founder of the CMS Perch, a Google Developer Expert and an Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group. She writes about business and technology on her own site at

Long Bio

Rachel Andrew lives in Bristol, England. She is one half of web development company, the company behind Perch CMS. Her day to day work can include anything from product development to devops to CSS, and she writes about all of these subjects on her blog at

Rachel has been working on the web since 1996 and writing about the web for almost as long. Her books include the recent Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout and HTML5 for Web Designers second edition. She is a regular columnist for A List Apart as well as other publications online and print. She is a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies and a W3C Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group.

Rachel is a keen distance runner and likes to try and encourage people to come for a run when attending conferences, with varying degrees of success! You can find her on Twitter as @rachelandrew and find out what she is up to now.

Short Bio – Business/Startups/Bootstrapping focus

Rachel Andrew is a web developer, writer, speaker and one half of – the company behind the CMS Perch. When not working on her own product, Rachel likes to help other people transition from consultancy and client services to profitable product businesses – without needing to seek investment or risk everything by “doing a startup”.