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Hello and welcome. While I have a long history on the web and as such there is writing on this blog on a range of subjects, most of my current writing is on the subjects of side projects and bootstrapped digital businesses.

I’m a web developer and so come at this from a reasonably technical angle, my skills range from systems administration to front end development to general business 101 type stuff.

Below I have listed some of the writing on this site I think is most useful. Or browse the archives. There are posts going back to 2001 if you are very bored!

Building Product businesses and side projects

Chapter 1: The Profitable Side Project Handbook
The first chapter of my book is a good introduction to the way I think about business and bootstrapping.

The Bootstrapped Product Resource List
A selection of useful articles, blogs and podcasts.

Making Your Product a First Class Citizen
A post about creating a product alongside client work, with some of the ways in which I feel we managed to make it work.

Unfashionably Profitable
Why using the latest technology and chasing coverage in the tech press or mentions from influencers might not be the path to profitability that you think. I write about how we are “unfashionably profitable”.

Don’t Benchmark Your Success Against Outliers
In reality building a profitable product business takes a long time. It might be a few years before your business reaches a point where you can say no to client work, or quit your job.

Perfectionism or procrastination? Reframing the Minimum Viable Product
Some thoughts on perfectionism and that a “Minimum Viable Product” doesn’t need to mean something of low quality or a prototype.

Thinking about things

Nothing to fall back on
My sixteen year old daughter has left school. She isn’t taking A Levels. In September she will begin a course at a top dance college, to even get a place there is a huge achievement for her, I’m hugely proud as she has worked so, so hard for it.
I tell people of her plans and they react in horror, “no A Levels? What will she fall back on?”

Conversations with my teenager about the Internet
Many years ago, as I started to create my own “digital identity” I made a decision not to also create one for my daughter. I tried to avoid linking her and her real name with me. She is now 16 and I talked with her about having parents who are very visible online, and how she feels about identity and privacy on the net.

It is never done.
Thinking about how we, working on the web, rarely get those moments where we can say, “this is done, this is good.”

Playing a mind game. On distance running and product launches.
Yesterday I ran twenty miles. The challenge of running distance often is as much in your head as in your legs. Launching products can be much the same.

Payments and general business

Preventing accounting chaos in your product business with Xero
I frequently recommend online accounting package Xero to people on Twitter, however in 140 characters it is hard to get across why I think it is such a fantastic solution for people selling products.

A hostile environment: payments, the PCI DSS and UK digital businesses
I believe that the payments and PCI DSS compliance landscape in the UK is hostile to small digital businesses. I’d like to see more transparency from the companies and wonder if we can work together to encourage that?

Credit and Risk – getting paid for your work
A post about getting paid for your work. Inspired by Episode 3 of Unfinished Business.