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A Year in Links

A year of links that I’ve included in emails to my list.

No Exit Plan

How do we reconcile the things we enjoy doing with the things we need to do for growth to happen? How do we stop ourselves becoming the sort of business that we never wanted to run?

Support the independents

I sometimes wonder if all of these “free” products and services people get to use has skewed all of our understanding of how the product/customer relationship works when applied to businesses that do not have funding.

Do you "trust your gut" or rely on data in business?

Thinking about how many of us in the bootstrapping community rely on gut feelings rather than data when making major decisions.

We're Not "Doing a Startup" - video from UIKonf

A video of my presentation, We’re Not “Doing a Startup” from UIKonf in Berlin.

Mailing lists for bootstrappers

A short list of my favourite email newsletters for bootstrappers and micro-entrepreneurs – everything from devops to marketing.

What Happens If You Succeed?

We think and talk a lot about failure, but very rarely do we discuss what happens if our ideas really take off. Are we building a business that we want to be a success?

The Transition From Client Work to Product Business

Inspired by the Happy Monday podcast, some thoughts on making the slow transition between client work and product business.

Chapter 1: The Profitable Side Project Handbook

The first chapter of my book, The Profitable Side Project Handbook.

Perfectionism or procrastination? Reframing the Minimum Viable Product.

Some thoughts on perfectionism and that a “Minimum Viable Product” doesn’t need to mean something of low quality or a prototype.

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