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The importance of social media for product developers

Via comments made by some of our Perchers on Twitter I discovered this post by EllisLab. One of my main tips to people wanting to launch a product is “talk to people on Twitter”, and so here are some thoughts for other product developers as [...]

Book Review: A Practical Guide to Web App Success

First, a disclaimer. Emma Boulton at Five Simple Steps sent me a copy of A Practical Guide to Web App Success and asked if I would read it and maybe write a review, given that I often write about business issues. I love reading business books, so was [...]

On acquisitions, pricing and being part of an ecosystem

It is a week on from our launch of Perch 2, the new version of our really little content management system. Other than our payment gateway letting us down (more on that in another post this week) the launch has been a success. Our decision to also launch a [...]

A community for the bootstrappers

When we launched Perch, almost three years ago, we had to learn a lot of things and quickly. Despite having a successful services business in we had never launched a product. In many ways it was like setting up in business all over again, and we’ve learned [...]

Startups, lack of sleep, and finding better ways to do business

Earlier this week I was privileged to be invited to speak to a group of young people who are on a programme with The Prince’s Trust. I had been asked to do a short talk about my own experiences as a business owner – this being particularly relevant to them [...]

Setting people up to fail - why I am afraid of the "bubble"

Having set up my own business,, in 2001, in the wake of the dot com meltdown, I am feeling slightly unsettled at the current technology startup landscape. Not unsettled for my own company but for for those who are thinking about starting a business right now. They [...]

Financial things to know when starting a business or taking on your first freelance job in the UK

I keep answering questions on Forrst from people who are taking on some freelance work for the first time, or starting a business, so rather than keep writing the same responses there I thought I’d write up my suggestions here. This is obviously UK specific advice and I am [...]

If all you have is a hammer...

I try and avoid discussing things on Twitter given that forming a coherent argument in 140 characters or less is almost impossible, however I was engaged in a short discussion today with @TJRLZ who couldn’t understand why this site is based on WordPress when my company develops custom [...]

On "mumpreneurs" and other labels

I read a lot of business writing and recently the term mumpreneur (mompreneur in the USA) seems to have become popular, increasingly being used to describe any female who manages the amazing feet of running a business having reproduced at some point in the past. I had a

StartUp Britain - what do new businesses really need?

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the demise of local Business Link advisory services comes StartUp Britain, a new initiative that boldly claims,

StartUp Britain is designed to make it easier for new companies and innovations to flourish and encourage people who aspire to start new businesses to [...]

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