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Relaunching the website

I founded in September 2001. From the outset we have focussed on working for designers and design agencies – providing web development services. Drew McLellan joined the company in September 2007 and we continued working for the same kind of clients – taking on slightly bigger projects [...]

The week of many launches

The end of November went a bit crazy at – however rather than external deadlines, these were entirely of our own making.

Perch 1.5

Having just recovered from the shock of my daughter becoming a teenager, or more to the point, me being old enough to have a teenage daughter, we had another milestone to celebrate. Perch, the “really little CMS” that we have developed over at, is now a [...]

Summer project

This summer we have Ed Kelly from Exeter University working at Ed is studying Computer Science and will be working with us for 8 weeks as part of the Shell Step Programme. The programme aims to get students working in business on a real project during their [...]

What would you want in an "advanced CSS" course?

Drew McLellan and I presented our first Beginners CSS Course last week here in Maidenhead. We really enjoyed the day and, from the feedback received so far, our delegates did too. We had a mix of attendees – from those who had done very little HTML to [...]