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Using tweets as social proof

Some thoughts on ways I use Tweets as “social proof” that people find our product, and presentations that I do, valuable.

Playing a mind game. On distance running and product launches.

Yesterday I ran twenty miles. The challenge of running distance often is as much in your head as in your legs. Launching products can be much the same.

Podcast advertising - the "sponsor read" is key

Advice for podcasters and advertisers in terms of what has worked when advertising Perch.

net magazine: Pro Ways to Launch a Product

In the March 2014 issue of net I have a cover feature Pro Ways to Launch a Product. In this post I link to some further reading on the subject.

Selling digital products with Shopify, FetchApp and Stripe

A rundown of how I used these services to implement payment and delivery of my recent book.

Go back to basics with your product and "fix all the things"

It is all too easy to focus development efforts on big features for your product. In this article I share our experience of a release that just tidied up all the small things that build up over time.

Preventing accounting chaos in your product business with Xero

I frequently recommend online accounting package Xero to people on Twitter, however in 140 characters it is hard to get across why I think it is such a fantastic solution for people selling products.

Smashing Book 4: Writing about technical support

The Smashing Book 4 has been released today. My chapter is about technical support and this post links up some of my other writing and speaking on the subject.

Making Your Product a First Class Citizen

A post about creating a product alongside client work, with some of the ways in which I feel we managed to make it work.

Announcing The Profitable Side Project Handbook

I’m self-publishing an e-book based on the things we have learned taking our product Perch from side project to our main business.

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