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Blue Beanie Day 2016

It’s Blue Beanie Day, the day that a few of us dig out a blue hat, and remind ourselves and each other that web standards, the open web, accessibility and just doing things well matters.

So what happens now?

Back in November I wrote the following in an email to a mailing list as part of a discussion about The Web Standards Project, reading some of the fallout on the web over the last few days reminded me of that discussion, which seems more relevant now than before,

“When WaSP [...]

IE8 and the future of the web

By now most of you will probably have read the article posted today on A List Apart, Beyond DOCTYPE: Web Standards, Forward Compatibility, and IE8.

In a nutshell, the new http-equiv=“X-UA-Compatible” instruction will let you tell Internet Explorer to render the page in the manner of a particular IE [...]