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Review of the Year 2014

A review of my 2014, and some thoughts about goals for 2015.

Technical editing as a service - the Book Toolkit

I’m launching a new site including a fixed price technical editing service for ebook authors and self-publishers.

Content Marketing for bootstrappers - what should you write about?

This post focuses on how to create a list of ideas when writing with the aim of driving traffic to your product site.

My 2013 in writing and speaking

A look back at some of my writing, speaking and podcast episodes this year.

Table of Contents for The Profitable Side Project

Over the Christmas period I finished the first draft of my upcoming book and today am posting a table of contents and a little update on progress.

Writing beginner level tutorials

I’ve been writing books and articles for around ten years. However, like most of us who write about web design and development, I didn’t set out to be a writer. I simply do interesting things in the course of my job and then write about them. A lot [...]