I’m a developer, an entrepreneur and I enjoy teaching other people the things I have learned in the course of my work. I present at conferences and events and run workshops and training. You can find slides, video and resources from some of my recent engagements linked from this page.

If you would like me to speak at your event or run a workshop at a public event or in-house, read this and then drop me a line by email.

See presentations about:

Modern CSS Layout

A series of presentations talking about our emerging layout specifications – Grid, Flexbox and Box Alignment Level 3. Describing how these work together to form a new system for CSS Layout.

CSS Grid Layout

A presentation explaining CSS Grid Layout with examples that work in Chrome with Experimental Web Platform Features turned on.

Configuration Management with Puppet for Developers

In this session I introduce configuration management using Puppet and why this is helpful, even for small infrastructures. I demonstrate how using a tool like Puppet can make it simple to create development and staging environments that replicate production.

Development to Deployment

This talk aims to introduce people currently using FTP to upload files to a modern, yet simple local development to deployment process that would speed up workflow and save problems when making a website live.

The Business of Front-end Development

In this talk I take a look at how front-end development has changed over the last few years, and the issues those changes have created. I’ll cover how we make decisions as to when we’ll get something up and running quickly with Bootstrap, and when we spend the time really nailing the front-end. We’ll also take a look at where things haven’t changed, and how by taking a progressively enhanced approach to development you can do the best thing for your business and your users.

CSS and Ebooks

A presentation on using HTML and CSS to create ebooks in MOBI, EPUB and PDF format.

Puppet and Small Infrastructures

Despite being a tiny business and small infrastructure we make great use of Puppet over at edgeofmyseat.com. In this talk I explain how I got started with Puppet and why I think it is worth considering even if you don’t have hundreds of servers to take care of.

Shipping Your Product - the workshop

This full day workshop helps attendees develop their plan to launch their digital product drawing on my experience bringing Perch to market and turning that side product into our business.

The New CSS Layout

A presentation that looks at the new CSS3 modules and how they will change the way we layout webpages with CSS.

Web Standards

A presentation exploring the importance of web standards in 2013, and why remembering our history is important.

The Future of Content Management

A new presentation highlighting the issues of content management today and posing some ideas on how we might move forward with content management for the modern web.

Selling Digital Products

A presentation talking about the launch of Perch and some of the surprising things that we have discovered while supporting the product.

Launching a Product

My presentation on how to launch a digital product based on our experiences launching Perch.


As an experienced web developer and the author of a number of books on CSS and HTML I often get asked to present introductions on the subject to a range of audiences.