CSS3 Selectors

I have been presenting various versions of this talk for over three years, updating it each time to ensure browser support information is correct and the advice current. I have also presented this material to a wide range of audiences. From beginners to CSS to back-end developers who needed their knowledge of CSS refreshed.

An understanding of modern CSS Selector use is vital for any web designer or developer and this talk is useful for any event where attendees may be new to CSS or need an update on modern techniques.

Links, resources and further reading

Stop Solving Problems you Don’t Yet Have – an article about boilerplates and polyfills.

The CSS3 Anthology – my book from SitePoint

Useful Sites

Browser Stack – for testing your sites in a range of real browsers and operating systems.

Can I Use – details of Browser Support for anything you might ever want to use

Codrops CSS Reference – a brilliant reference on codrops.

A whole bunch of amazing things pseudo-elements can do

CSS Arrow Please – because everyone needs a CSS Arrow

http://html5doctor.com/css3-pseudo-classes-and-html5-forms/ – for more information on the CSS3 UI pseudo-classes I mentioned briefly

How nth-child works – an article about the baffling world of nth-child

Understanding nth-child – SitePoint reference to nth-child

Writing efficient CSS Selectors – intro with lots of links to more information

CSS4 Selectors – lots of useful information, test your browser, explore the selectors

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