I’ll be bringing my CSS Layout Workshop to Brighton and also speaking about the new things coming into CSS that I think are especially interesting.

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Danielle Vautier

Awesome talk from @rachelandrew I used my first supports yesterday and can't wait to play position:sticky #ffconf #CSS

11 Nov 16 10:37 am

Mat Harden

Listening to the fantastic talk by @rachelandrew who’s making all our lives easier with CSS layouts like ‘grid’ at #ffconf

11 Nov 16 10:32 am

Adam Onishi

“Feature queries ([at]supports) is modernizr directly in your CSS” @rachelandrew doing a storming job this morning at #ffconf

11 Nov 16 10:11 am

Daniel Appelquist

Inspiring #ffconf talk from @rachelandrew on new CSS stuff and a call to action for web developers to get involved in the standards process.

10 Nov 16 10:33 am

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