Life Time Value Conference

I gave a talk about all the other things you end up doing when getting into the product business.

People said ...


Nadia Odunayo

.@RachelAndrew killing it with her @LTVConf talk. An excellent 101 of vital questions to ask when running a company.

6 Jul 16 10:47 am

Robin Mayfield

Fantastic talk from @rachelandrew at @LTVConf about "all the other stuff" inc notes on stupid legislation

6 Jul 16 10:43 am

Alex Hillman

Watching @rachelandrew systematically unpack dozens of common “whoops, didn’t think of that” mistakes product people make. Brilliant talk.

6 Jul 16 10:39 am

Alex Hillman

It takes notable skill to do this in a way that inspires action instead of paralyzing with fear. 🔑 #LTVConf…

6 Jul 16 10:40 am

Links for Everything Else

Some links that give more details on some of the things I mentioned:

Things we use for Perch

The following are some of the products and services we use at Perch.


Postmark for transactional email Drip for broadcasts and drip email


Front for managing support email Our own forum linked to customer accounts

Hosting and Ops

Memset for all our servers Puppet for server configuration Scout for server monitoring DNSimple for domains, SSL certificates Scrutinizer - code quality Beanstalk - hosted git and deployment Sifter - bug tracking

Payments and accounting

Other things