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Something that has changed since we launched Perch is that there are now thousands of services that can help you create the infrastructure around selling, delivering and supporting your business. This is a good thing, however in my talk I also encouraged people to consider the dependencies they are creating in their business - and what their plan is if one of these services goes away.

I have spoken on this topic at:

Life Time Value Conference

6 Jul to 6 Jul 2016 in Brighton, United Kingdom

I gave a talk about all the other things you end up doing when getting into the product business.

Links and further reading

Some links that give more details on some of the things I mentioned:

Things we use for Perch

The following are some of the products and services we use at Perch.


Postmark for transactional email Drip for broadcasts and drip email


Front for managing support email Our own forum linked to customer accounts

Hosting and Ops

Memset for all our servers Puppet for server configuration Scout for server monitoring DNSimple for domains, SSL certificates Scrutinizer - code quality Beanstalk - hosted git and deployment Sifter - bug tracking

Payments and accounting

Other things