Something exciting seems to show up every week either in a CSS specification, or newly implemented in experimental form in the browser. It’s fun to talk about some of this new stuff - especially the things that we can use more often than we might think.

I have spoken on this topic at:

GOTO Berlin 2016

14 Nov to 16 Nov 2016 in Berlin, Germany

In this talk I’ll be taking a look at some of the things that CSS is capable of, some of which might surprise you.

ConFoo Vancouver 2016

5 Dec to 7 Dec 2016 in Vancouver, Canada

I will be speaking about the things you might not realise that CSS can do and also new CSS Layout.

Bristech July Talks

7 Jul to 7 Jul 2016 in Bristol, United Kingdom

Did you know that CSS has variables, or that you can write feature queries in a similar way to using Modernizr, in native CSS? Have you taken a look at emerging layout methods such as Grid Layout? In this talk I’ll introduce some of the interesting things coming to CSS and also explain how new features get into CSS today, and how you can get involved


9 Nov to 11 Nov 2016 in Brighton, UK

I’ll be bringing my CSS Layout Workshop to Brighton and also speaking about the new things coming into CSS that I think are especially interesting.

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