New CSS Layout

This presentation topic covers a number of different presentations based on the new CSS Modules that deal with layout. Mostly CSS Grid Layout, Flexbox and the Box Alignment Module.

I have spoken on this topic at:

SmartWeb Conference

20 Sep to 20 Sep 2016 in Bucharest, Romania

My presentation for SmartWeb takes a look at Grid, Flexbox and Box Alignment, explaining the similarities between these specifications, how they work together and how we can start to use them sooner rather than later.

CSSConf Budapest 2016

11 May to 11 May 2016 in Budapest, Hungary

RWD Summit 2016

29 Mar to 31 Mar 2016

View Source Conference Berlin

12 Sep to 14 Sep 2016 in Berlin, Germany

My talk for View Source covers the new layout modules in CSS. The Flexbox, Grid Layout and Box Alignment Modules bring us a true system for layout to CSS for the very first time.

AtTheFrontend 2016

24 May to 25 May 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark

I presented on new CSS Layout methods including Grid and Flexbox.

ConFoo Vancouver 2016

5 Dec to 7 Dec 2016 in Vancouver, Canada

I will be speaking about the things you might not realise that CSS can do and also new CSS Layout.


23 Sep to 24 Sep 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic

At WebExpo I spoke about using the right layout tool for the job. My presentation shows examples of strengths and weaknesses of flexbox, Grid and how to cope with older browsers when using them.

CSSConf Asia

24 Nov to 24 Nov 2016 in Singapore, Republic of Singapore

I will be speaking on the subject of new CSS Layout.

Laracon Online

8 Mar to 8 Mar 2017

I spoke about modern layout techniques such as flexbox and grid, including how to approach browser support for older browsers.

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