Using CSS Grid Layout

In March 2017 CSS Grid Layout shipped Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. How do we get started using it today?

I have spoken on this topic at:

Smashing Conference

5 Apr to 6 Apr 2017 in San Francisco, USA

I will be speaking about Grid Layout and also running a full day workshop on CSS Grid Layout, flexbox and related layout methods.

Frontend United

26 May to 27 May 2017 in Athens, Greece

My presentation is on CSS Grid Layout, I’m also running my Advanced Grid & Flexbox workshop.

Render Conf

30 Mar to 31 Mar 2017 in Oxford, United Kingdom

I spoke about CSS Grid Layout, with plenty of practical tips for using Grid right now.


20 Jun to 22 Jun 2017 in San Jose, USA

I will be presenting a talk and a three hour tutorial on CSS layout.

Smashing Conf

11 Sep to 12 Sep 2017 in Freiburg, Germany

I’ll be speaking about CSS Grid and new layout at Smashing Conf

Breaking Borders

26 Apr to 26 Apr 2017 in Reading, United Kingdom

A free evening event in Reading where I’ll be speaking about CSS Grid Layout.


14 Oct to 15 Oct 2017 in Bochum, Germany

I’ll be speaking about CSS Grid Layout.

DevFest Nantes

19 Oct to 20 Oct 2017 in Nantes, France

Conference organised by GDG Nantes.

Links and further reading

Examples and information

I have launched a site where I am aiming to keep all of my Grid information, along with lots of small examples demonstrating how to use Grid Layout. See:

I am maintaining an list of resources to help you get to grips with Grid on that site. There are also a number of video tutorials explaining aspects of the specification.

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I cover CSS Grid Layout in my online course Learn CSS Layout