What I discovered about layout via CSS Grid

This is a talk about Grid Layout, and the previously impossible tasks that grid makes possible. However it is also a talk about what it is to do CSS layout in 2017. I’ll be sharing the things I’ve learned about layout, as I’ve learned about Grid.

I have spoken on this topic at:


15 Jun to 16 Jun 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I’ll be talking about layout and CSS Grid at CSS Day Conference.

GDE Summit

4 Sep to 4 Sep 2017 in Krakow, Poland

I’ll be speaking about Grid and Layout at the Google Developer Expert Summit

Links and further reading

Examples and information

I have launched a site where I am aiming to keep all of my Grid information, along with lots of small examples demonstrating how to use Grid Layout. See: gridbyexample.com.

I am maintaining an up to date list of resources to help you get to grips with Grid on that site. There are also a number of video tutorials explaining aspects of the specification.

Learn CSS Layout online

I cover CSS Grid Layout in my online course Learn CSS Layout

A Book Apart - Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout

Get an introduction to CSS Grid Layout in my short book from A Book Apart.

Also, in autumn 2017 my new book will be published through A Book Apart - The New CSS Layout.