CSS3 Layout Modules 2nd Edition

Learn about the new ways to do layout in CSS

Since writing the first edition of this book there have been huge changes to some of the emerging specifications detailed. In the revised and expanded 2nd edition, learn about those changes and see more practical examples of these modules in use.

The book covers:

  • Multi-column Layout
  • Flexible Box Layout (flexbox)
  • CSS Grid Layout
  • CSS Exclusions
  • CSS Shapes
  • CSS Regions

CSS Layout Modules 2nd Edition Pre-launch

Sign up for my pre-launch list and I'll send you free of charge a digital copy of the first edition. While some of the later information in that edition is now out of date due to changes in the spec, there is still useful information in that book and it will give you a taste of the content of the new, expanded second edition.

This short book was published as part of the Five Simple Steps Pocket Guide series. On the closure and then change of ownership of Five Simple Steps, ownership of this book reverted to me as the author. I have therefore chosen to publish the second edition myself.