Contact me

I prefer email to any other form of contact, please read the below if you are trying to get in touch about any specific project.

Social networks

You can follow me on Mastodon and LinkedIn. I only use Facebook for family and to keep up with local groups.

Can you help with my CSS problem?

I get several emails a day from people who would like help with some specific CSS or other web development issues, unfortunately I can’t answer all of them and also do any work, so please don’t take offence if I can’t get back to you. CSS questions are best posted to Stack Overflow where there is an entire community of folk to help out.

For general CSS information then I would suggest MDN is a good place to look for detailed and accurate explanations, code snippets and browser support information.

If you have an idea for CSS itself, or a problem with a specification, then the CSS Working Group issues repo is a very good place to raise that. I’m happy for folks to reach out directly, especially where things relate to specs I edit, but you may well get a quicker response there.

Can you speak at my event?

Quite possibly. Take a look at this page and then get in touch via email.

I have a problem with Perch

I no longer own Perch, for help check out the Perch forum.

You ignored my direct message!

Yes, I probably did. Or I simply didn’t see it. With all the Slack Channels, Twitter, Facebooks, LinkedIn and so on communication comes at me from everywhere and I have no way to triage these DMs. I am really good at answering email however, so if you actually want a reply, and your query is not related to one of the above things, I would suggest emailing