A selection of articles I’ve written for online publications.

  • Why Are We Talking About CSS4?

    Smashing Magazine
    4 Mar 2020

    Around the web and within the CSS Working Group, there has been some discussion about whether we should specify a version of CSS — perhaps naming it CSS4.

  • Understanding CSS Grid: Grid Template Areas

    Smashing Magazine
    12 Feb 2020

    Part of a series on CSS Grid Layout for Smashing magazine. This time, we take a look at how to use grid-template-areas to place items.

  • Understanding CSS Grid: Grid Lines

    Smashing Magazine
    10 Jan 2020

    In this article in the series on Grid Layout I take a look at how to use the grid lines to place items.

  • Understanding CSS Grid: Creating A Grid Container

    Smashing Magazine
    3 Jan 2020

    In this series I break down the CSS Grid Layout specification. This time, we take a detailed look at what happens when you create a grid container and the various properties that can be applied to the container to shape your grid.

  • 2019: A Smashing Year In Review

    Smashing Magazine
    31 Dec 2019

    The Smashing Team looks back at 2019. It’s been a busy year with new team members, four conferences, two books, a print magazine, and many, many articles.

  • Helping Browsers Optimize With The CSS contain Property

    Smashing Magazine
    27 Dec 2019

    The CSS contain property gives you a way to explain your layout to the browser, so performance optimizations can be made. However, it does come with some side effects in terms of your layout.

  • A History of CSS Through Fifteen Years of 24 ways

    24 ways
    16 Dec 2019

    I’ve written nine articles in the 15 years of 24 ways, and all but one of those articles had something to do with CSS. In this last year of the project, I thought I would take a look back at those CSS articles.

  • Web Design and Development Advent Round-up 2019

    Smashing Magazine
    11 Dec 2019

    A roundup of Advent Calendar sites of interest to web designers and developers. From accessibility to UX, coding challenges to Perl, there really is something for everyone this December.

  • Black Friday 2019: Support Indie Makers

    Smashing Magazine
    29 Nov 2019

    Rather than do a round-up of the best deals available this Black Friday, we decided to do a round-up of the best independent products and makers. If you have money to spend, why not send some of this to folk creating great stuff in our community.

  • Teaching CSS

    CSS Tricks
    20 Nov 2019

    Chris Coyier asked me and a bunch of other web folk, “What about building websites has you interested this year?” This was my answer to that question.

  • Things We Can’t (Yet) Do In CSS

    Smashing Magazine
    1 Nov 2019

    In this article, Rachel Andrew looks at some common layout patterns that we can’t yet do on the web and the CSS Specifications that might let us achieve them in the future.

  • The W3C At Twenty-Five

    Smashing Magazine
    11 Oct 2019

    In this article, I explain how the W3C works and shares her “Web Story” to explain why the Web Standards process is so vitally important for everyone to have an open web platform where they can share their stories and build awesome things for the web together.

  • Editorial Design Patterns With CSS Grid and Named Columns

    Smashing Magazine
    4 Oct 2019

    By naming lines when setting up our CSS Grid layouts, we can tap into some interesting and useful features of Grid — features that become even more powerful when we introduce subgrids.

  • Smashing Magazine is Thirteen

    Smashing Magazine
    6 Sep 2019

    Smashing Magazine is thirteen years old! In this article, I share the stories of some of our Smashing Team. The people behind the magazine, books, and conferences.

  • Overflow and Data Loss in CSS

    Smashing Magazine
    4 Sep 2019

    In this article, I explore the situations in which you might encounter overflow in your web designs and explains how CSS has evolved to create better ways to manage and design around unknown amounts of content.

  • Pitching Your Writing To Publications

    Smashing Magazine
    19 Aug 2019

    Writing for a publication such as Smashing Magazine can help to build your reputation as an expert. I explain how to pitch to publications, and how to have the best chance of an accepted proposal.

  • Writing Modes And CSS Layout

    Smashing Magazine
    6 Aug 2019

    An understanding of CSS Writing Modes is useful if you want to work with vertical scripts, or change writing mode for creative reasons. However, they also underpin our new layout methods, and those ideas are increasingly being applied across all of CSS.

  • Everything You Need To Know About CSS Margins

    Smashing Magazine
    15 Jul 2019

    Margins in CSS seem simple enough at first glance. Applied to an element it forms a space around the element, pushing other elements away. However, there is more to a margin than you might think.

  • CSS Lists, Markers, And Counters

    Smashing Magazine
    9 Jul 2019

    There is more to styling lists in CSS than you might think. In this article, I start by looking at lists in CSS, and move onto some interesting features defined in the CSS Lists specification — markers and counters.

  • How To Create A PDF From Your Web Application

    Smashing Magazine
    19 Jun 2019

    There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to creating a PDF from a web application. In this article, I take a look at the tools that are available and shares her recommendations to help you find the tool that works best for you.

  • Digging Into The Display Property: Grids All The Way Down

    Smashing Magazine
    24 May 2019

    Continuing a series on the display property in CSS, this time Rachel Andrew takes a look at what happens when you use grid as a value of display, with added information about how subgrid changes that behavior.

  • Digging Into The Display Property: Box Generation

    Smashing Magazine
    1 May 2019

    Continuing a series on the display property in CSS, this time I take a look at the values which control box generation, for those times when you don’t want to generate a box at all.

  • Looking Back At SmashingConf San Francisco 2019

    Smashing Magazine
    30 Apr 2019

    We had a wonderful time at the sold-out SmashingConf San Francisco! In this article, I round up all of the videos, photos, tweets and resources that were shared on- and offstage.

  • Digging Into The Display Property: The Two Values Of Display

    Smashing Magazine
    8 Apr 2019

    We talk a lot about Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout, but these layout methods are essentially values of the CSS display property, a workhorse of a property that doesn’t get a lot of attention.

  • How To Align Things In CSS

    Smashing Magazine
    28 Mar 2019

    There are a few ways to align elements in CSS. In this article, I explain what they are with some tips to help you remember which to use and why.

  • Designing An Aspect Ratio Unit For CSS

    Smashing Magazine
    11 Mar 2019

    What problems will the new aspect ratio unit solve? A look at the design of a new CSS feature.

  • Breaking Boxes With CSS Fragmentation

    Smashing Magazine
    27 Feb 2019

    What is fragmentation, why might you want to use it, and what is the current state of browser support?

  • A Guide To CSS Support In Browsers

    Smashing Magazine
    4 Feb 2019

    It can be frustrating when you want to use a feature and discover that it is not supported or behaves differently across browsers. In this article, I explain how CSS is evolving to make it easier to deal with them.

  • When And How To Use CSS Multi-Column Layout

    Smashing Magazine
    11 Jan 2019

    The Multi-column Layout spec is often overlooked as we use Grid and Flexbox. In this article I explain why it is different to other layout methods, and shows some useful patterns and sites which showcase it well.

  • How To Learn CSS

    Smashing Magazine
    2 Jan 2019

    You don’t need to commit in memorizing every CSS Property and Value, as there are good places to look them up. There are some fundamental things, however, which will make CSS much easier for you to use. This article aims to guide you along your path of learning CSS.

  • 2018: A Smashing Year In Review

    Smashing Magazine
    31 Dec 2018

    The Smashing Team looks back at 2018. Conferences, articles, books and the Smashing Membership — there has been a lot going on.

  • Getting Paid to Speak

    The Notist Blog
    23 Dec 2018

    A post for people who speak professionally, or hope to do so. How and why should you ask for payment for your work?

  • Taking Care of Yourself on the road

    The Notist Blog
    21 Dec 2018

    If you speak at one or two conferences a year then this post is probably not for you. However if you speak at more than one a month, you can easily find yourself exhausted, unable to enjoy them or to do a good job with your talk. In order to survive, if speaking is going to be a big part of your life, you need to figure out how to look after yourself on the road.

  • Recommended Books for Public Speakers

    The Notist Blog
    19 Dec 2018

    There are many books on public speaking available, but which should you spend your Christmas Amazon voucher on? Here are some that I have learned from and would recommend.

  • How to Find Ideas for Your Talks

    The Notist Blog
    17 Dec 2018

    Sometimes there are things that you are simply burning to talk about, however if you are a frequent speaker, there will be days when you feel all out of ideas. In this post I’ll describe some of the ways I think up ideas for new presentations.

  • How to Deal with Conference Q&A

    The Notist Blog
    15 Dec 2018

    At some events, having given your talk, the floor will be turned over to the audience for questions. For many speakers this is the hardest part of the talk, and while I’m not really a fan of conference Q&A you can learn to deal with it, and at least not have it a a source of dread!

  • Researching a Property in the CSS Specifications

    24 Ways
    14 Dec 2018

    In this article my aim is to give you the basic details you need to grab quick information about any CSS property detailed in the CSS specs.

  • Will You Be Introduced?

    The Notist Blog
    14 Dec 2018

    A strong start to your talk is easier if you know how you will be introduced to the audience. Take control over the first time the audience meets you with this tip.

  • Protecting Your Site With Feature policy

    Smashing Magazine
    12 Dec 2018

    Feature Policy can help protect your site from third parties using APIs that have security and privacy implications, and also from your own team adding outdated APIs or poorly optimized images. Find out how.

  • Travel Tips for Public Speakers

    The Notist Blog
    12 Dec 2018

    For many speakers, speaking means a lot of travel. I possibly travel more than most, being on the road for half of the year. In this article I’m going to round up some of the ways in which I make this amount of travel work reasonably smoothly, most of the time!

  • Create a Talk Toolkit

    The Notist Blog
    6 Dec 2018

    I am very keen on reducing the number of decisions I have to make when preparing to give a talk. Presenting can be a highly stressful event, and the fewer things that you need to worry about, and potentially forget while under stress, the better. In order to remove the need to worry about what I need for my talk I always bring the same things with me to the stage.

  • Learn From the Questions

    The Notist Blog
    4 Dec 2018

    The questions that people ask after your talk can be a goldmine to help you improve that presentation and write new ones.

  • Web Design and Development Advent Roundup For 2018

    Smashing Magazine
    3 Dec 2018

    A roundup of Advent Calendar sites of interest to web designers and developers. From accessibility to UX, coding challenges to Perl, there really is something for everyone this December.

  • CSS Frameworks Or CSS Grid?

    Smashing Magazine
    9 Nov 2018

    Have you ever considered whether CSS Grid can actually replace the need for CSS frameworks or third-party component libraries? In doing so, I discovered a range of reasons people use a third-party framework and the positive and negative things about doing so.

  • The CSS Working Group at TPAC: What’s New In CSS?

    Smashing Magazine
    26 Oct 2018

    I attended the CSS Working Group meeting at W3C TPAC, and round up some of the discussions in this post — including those things where you can help make a decision.

  • Use Cases For Flexbox

    Smashing Magazine
    4 Oct 2018

    In this final article of the series, we wrap up by taking a look at some of the common uses for Flexbox. What should we use Flexbox for, and what it is not so good at?

  • Representing Web Developers in the W3C

    Smashing Magazine
    27 Sep 2018

    I write about my involvement with the CSS Working Group, and why I feel it is important that web developers understand what is being worked on in CSS, and have a way to offer feedback.

  • Flexbox: How Big Is That Flexible Box?

    Smashing Magazine
    17 Sep 2018

    In the last two articles, we have looked at what happens when we create a flex container, and also taken a look at alignment. This time we explore the often confusing issue of sizing in Flexbox. How does Flexbox decide how big things should be?

  • Take A New Look At CSS Shapes

    Smashing Magazine
    4 Sep 2018

    In this article, we take a look at CSS Shapes and how to create non-rectangular shapes using images, gradients, and basic shapes. We also discover how the new tools in Firefox make editing shapes easier.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Alignment In Flexbox

    Smashing Magazine
    13 Aug 2018

    In this article, we take a look at the alignment properties in Flexbox while discovering some basic rules to help remember how alignment on both the main and cross axis works.

  • What Happens When You Create A Flexbox Flex Container?

    Smashing Magazine
    2 Aug 2018

    In this article, the beginning of a series on Flexbox, we will take a detailed look at what actually happens when you add display: flex to your stylesheet.

  • Text Editing Tips and Tricks Roundup

    Smashing Magazine
    23 Jul 2018

    We asked the Smashing Community for their favorite tips and tricks when editing text and code. With so many great suggestions, we’ve decided to collect them all into one article so you can add it to your useful bookmarks.

  • Pattern Library First: An Approach For Managing CSS

    Smashing Magazine
    9 Jul 2018

    CSS can be hard to manage across a project, especially when you need to include media queries for various breakpoints and fallbacks for older browsers. In this article, we will take a look at using Fractal to manage components which use CSS Grid.

  • CSS Grid Level 2: Here Comes Subgrid

    Smashing Magazine
    3 Jul 2018

    CSS Grid Level 2 is already in the process of being specified, and the main feature of this level of the spec is to bring us subgrid. In this article, I explain the new features.

  • Getting Started With CSS Layout

    Smashing Magazine
    25 May 2018

    Whether you’re fairly new to CSS or an experienced developer from elsewhere in the stack who wants to make sure your understanding of layout today is up to date, this guide covers everything you need to know about CSS Layout today.

  • Google I/O Developer Roundup: What’s New?

    Smashing Magazine
    11 May 2018

    I attended the Google I/O 2018 event in Mountain View. Here’s a roundup of the announcements and launches that were presented at the event.

  • Contributing to MDN Web Docs

    Smashing Magazine
    9 May 2018

    MDN has been documenting the web platform for over 12 years and is a go-to resource for many. Its strength is the fact that it is a community resource, and anyone can contribute and help to improve it.

  • A Guide To The State Of Print Stylesheets in 2018

    Smashing Magazine
    1 May 2018

    We have covered print stylesheets in the past here on Smashing Magazine. In this article, I take a look at the state of printing from the browser today.

  • Working Together

    Smashing Magazine
    24 Apr 2018

    How Designers And Developers Can Communicate To Create Better Projects

  • Best Practices With CSS Grid Layout

    Smashing Magazine
    16 Apr 2018

    The results of a survey about the use of CSS Grid Layout.

  • Understanding Logical Properties and Values

    Smashing Magazine
    29 Mar 2018

    CSS Logical Properties and Values aren’t quite ready to be used yet, however learning about them can help you to understand CSS Layout, and the interaction with Writing Modes.

  • Styling Empty Cells With Generated Content and CSS Grid Layout

    Smashing Magazine
    22 Feb 2018

    Ever wondered how achieve styling of empty grid cells without adding redundant empty elements? Well, CSS Generated Content can help you do just that.

  • Getting Started In Public Speaking: Global Diversity CFP Day

    Smashing Magazine
    19 Feb 2018

    The recent Global Diversity CFP Day aimed to help more people submit their ideas to conferences and get into public speaking.

  • Using Media Queries For Responsive Design in 2018

    Smashing Magazine
    5 Feb 2018

    This article will take a look at the use of media queries for responsive design today, how they work alongside Flexbox and Grid Layout, and also have a look at what is coming in the future.

  • How Big Is That Box? Understanding Sizing in Grid Layout

    Smashing Magazine
    16 Jan 2018
    In this article, I’m going to share with you some interesting things about sizing boxes in CSS.
  • Starting Over

    The Pastry Box
    6 Jan 2018
    A non-technical article for The Pastry Box.
  • Productivity Tips and Tricks

    Smashing Magazine
    27 Dec 2017
    A roundup of Smashing Magazine community productivity tips and tricks.
  • Understanding CSS Layout And The Block Formatting Context

    Smashing Magazine
    11 Dec 2017
    You might never have heard the phrase ‘Block Formatting Context’, but if you have used CSS for layout you probably already know what it does. In this article I explain the existing ways to create a Block Formatting Context, and why it is important in CSS layout.
  • Testing the Web Platform

    24 ways
    10 Dec 2017
    My article for 24 ways 2017 season is on Web Platform Tests, what they are and how you can get involved.
  • Using CSS Grid: Supporting Browsers Without Grid

    Smashing Magazine
    16 Nov 2017
    When using any new CSS, the question of browser support has to be addressed. This is even more of a consideration when new CSS is used for layout as with Flexbox and CSS Grid, rather than things we might consider an enhancement.
  • Naming Things in CSS Grid Layout

    Smashing Magazine
    17 Oct 2017
    A rundown of the ways to name things in Grid Layout.
  • CSS Grid Gotchas And Stumbling Blocks

    Smashing Magazine
    28 Sep 2017
    CSS Grid is such a different way of approaching layout that there are a number of common questions I am asked as people start to use the specification.
  • The New Layout Standard For The Web: CSS Grid, Flexbox And Box Alignment

    Smashing Magazine
    8 Nov 2016
    This article explains how Flexbox and CSS Grid fit together to make a new layout system.
  • Getting Ready For HTTP2: A Guide For Web Designers And Developers

    Smashing Magazine
    16 Feb 2016
    A detailed look at the basics of HTTP/2 as they apply to web designers and developers.
  • Grid, Flexbox, Box Alignment: Our New System for Layout

    24 ways
    15 Dec 2015
    A rundown of the modules that make up our new layout system for the web.
  • It’s The People They Know

    A List Apart
    3 Dec 2015
    Chance can play such a vital part in your career.
  • Introducing the Grid Layout Spec

    Creative Bloq
    1 Dec 2015
    An article originally published in Net Magazine, introducing the CSS Grid Layout specification.
  • Offering Feedback

    A List Apart
    22 Oct 2015
    If you only interact with users when they need support or have a feature request, you’re only interacting with the minority of your customers.
  • HTTPS Everywhere with Nginx, Varnish and Apache

    Smashing Magazine
    17 Sep 2015
    A walkthrough of how to have HTTPS and still use Varnish Cache. Something I had to work out for our own servers and though might be useful to other people.
  • 14 Pro Tips for launching your own App

    Creative Bloq
    10 Sep 2015
    An article originally published in Net Magazine.
  • Creating Process to Free Up Time for Productivity

    A List Apart
    13 Aug 2015
    There’s merit to keeping your small business nimble by keeping process to a minimum. But even in the tiniest one- or two-person operation, it’s plain that not all business tasks are improved by being hand-crafted.
  • A simple workflow from development to deployment

    Smashing Magazine
    9 Jul 2015
    In this article I’ll be taking a look at how to build a simple yet robust workflow for developing sites that require PHP and MySQL.
  • Software Audits for the Tiny Business

    A List Apart
    2 Jul 2015
    Routine software audits sound like just about the most boring thing in the world. But losing access to a DNS server, missing important alerts from a developer, or paying for a forgotten service are adventures nobody needs.
  • On Being King of a Shrinking Castle

    A List Apart
    14 May 2015
    If you can’t afford to take time to strengthen your connections with others, you’re at risk of being the monarch (and the serf) of an impoverished kingdom, indeed.
  • How To Get Started With CSS Shapes

    Web Designer Depot
    19 Mar 2015
    The web has typically been a place of boxes and rectangles but an emerging CSS specification is going to change that.
  • Looking Outside

    A List Apart
    5 Mar 2015
    Finding that an outsider’s perspective can help when partners can’t quite see eye to eye—or when they agree too much.
  • Being creative while in pain

    3 Mar 2015
    An article for 99u about the realities of working when also living with an injury or chronic illness.
  • Controlling the Cache: Using Edge Side Includes in Varnish

    Smashing Magazine
    16 Feb 2015
    In this article I’ll explain how you can benefit from using Varnish even when there are parts of your pages that can’t be cached for long periods, using Edge Side Includes.
  • Designing for print with CSS

    Smashing Magazine
    7 Jan 2015
    How to create stylesheets for use with User Agents such as Prince XML, creating PDFs and printed documents.
  • CSS You Can Get Excited About in 2015

    Webdesigner Depot
    5 Jan 2015
    A round up of new CSS that I really like.
  • Everything Web Designers Need To Know About VATMOSS

    Webdesigner Depot
    16 Dec 2014
    An article explaining the new VAT legislation in the EU, and how it applies to web designers and developers.
  • The Ways We’ve Changed – and Stayed the Same

    A List Apart
    11 Dec 2014
    An end of the year look back at how the history of the last ten years is told through articles on 24 ways.
  • Developing Robust Deployment Procedures

    24 ways
    4 Dec 2014
    Once you have developed your site, how do you make it live on your web hosting? A tutorial explaining how to move away from manually transferring files via FTP to a proper deployment process.
  • Managing Feature Requests

    A List Apart
    13 Nov 2014
    You’re proud of your product, and welcome user suggestions on making it even better. Will you be able to make everyone happy? Should you even aim to accommodate them all? Before you start coding, think about how to prioritize feature requests, and even say no to some.
  • Getting to the Action

    A List Apart
    28 Aug 2014
    Was that conference worth it? There were smart tips and awesome people. Should you buy a ticket this year? For a freelancer or small business, it can be a significant expense. Wouldn’t it be great to know if the investment in time and money is likely to move the business forward?
  • Lessons Learned By Being The Client

    A List Apart
    20 Jun 2014
    I write about the things I have learned by being on the other side of the client / developer relationship.
  • Pro Tips for Launching a Digital Product

    CreativeBloq / Net Magazine
    22 Apr 2014
    It’s never been easier to bring digital products to market. In this article – originally a feature in Net Magazine – I share advice for launching your own products.
  • Our Enclosed Space

    A List Apart
    27 Mar 2014
    Some thoughts on the gap between what is preached from the conference stage, and the real job of web design for small business.
  • Your Side Project as Insurance Policy

    A List Apart
    2 Jan 2014
    Often our livelihood depends on our physical abilities – such as typing code. Having a product as a side project can offer security if your daily work is disrupted by illness or injury.
  • Speed up your mobile website with Varnish

    Smashing Magazine
    4 Dec 2013
    A short intro to why you might use Varnish and how to get started.
  • Start Small and Listen

    Smashing Magazine
    8 Nov 2013
    In this article I describe how it is possible to launch with a really small product and grow from those small beginnings by listening to your customers.
  • Does our industry have a drinking problem?

    A List Apart
    24 Oct 2013
    Considering the issue of social events and after conference parties held in bars, and wondering if there are other ways to meet.
  • Pricing underpins everything you do

    A List Apart
    19 Sep 2013
    What was ultimately one of our biggest mistakes gave us experiences we could draw on when deciding on a pricing model for our product.
  • How do you go on vacation?

    A List Apart
    8 Aug 2013
    The idea that everyone should get time off away from their business, perhaps even completely disconnected from the internet, is a pervasive one.
  • The Local Shops of the Web

    A List Apart
    20 Jun 2013
    A local shop is part of an ecosystem — here in England we call it the High Street. The owner of a local shop generally has no ambition to become a Tesco or WalMart. She’d rather experience steady growth, building relationships with customers who value what she brings to the community.
  • You Can’t Do Everything

    A List Apart
    9 May 2013
    Without clients dictating my workload I’m in the enviable position of being able to choose where to focus my efforts. However, I can’t physically do everything.
  • Giving Content Priority with CSS3 Grid Layout

    24 Ways
    18 Dec 2012
    In this article I’m going to look at one CSS module, the CSS3 grid layout module, that enables us to define a grid and place elements on to it.
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  • A guide to PHP error messages for designers

    Smashing Magazine
    30 Nov 2011
    This article is aimed at designers who are not PHP developers but need to install PHP scripts from time to time.
  • Supporting Your Product: How To Provide Technical Support

    Smashing Magazine
    10 Oct 2011
    Whether your product is an open-source script, a Web application or a downloadable product, you will need to provide some form of technical support. This article explores the subject based on my experience of supporting Perch.
  • Cleaner Code with CSS Selectors

    24 Ways
    20 Dec 2010
  • How To Use CSS3 Media Queries To Create a Mobile Version of Your Website

    Smashing Magazine
    19 Jul 2010
    In this article I’ll explain how, with a few CSS rules, you can create an iPhone version of your site using CSS3, that will work now.
  • Getting Started With E-Commerce: Your Options When Selling Online

    Smashing Magazine
    2 Jun 2010
    This article poses some questions you should be asking of your client before putting together a proposal for the development of an e-commerce website.
  • Faster development with CSS Constants

    24 Ways
    2 Dec 2006
  • CSS Layout Starting Points

    24 Ways
    4 Dec 2005