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mummy... where's my internet?

The small person had her first taste of life-without-internet connection this weekend.
“Agh.. somethings happened to my pooter!” she yells, running into my room. An investigation revealed a ‘page cannot be displayed’ – the reason being the apparant demise of my ISDN provider.

The above meant a return to pay [...]

new stuff

I’ve added a ‘play’ section to this site, for random things I build. While updating the pages, my connection decided to bomb out so if you were on the site this morning and got loads of errors I was waiting to get back online to upload my includes! The play [...]

things found in the server logs

I like digging through the server logs from my sites. All sorts of interesting things are to be found.

In my referers for my business / web development site I find Croc o’Lyle a blog dedicated to usability, web design, information architecture and user experience practices, and also


HTML is a wonderful thing … on websites … it is NOT so wonderful when it arrives in my inbox by way of html emails.

I don’t want your pretty pictures, bizarre fonts or your tasteful pink backgrounds. I certainly don’t want JavaScript and things loading from other servers, [...]

spam spam spam spam

The world’s gone spam bonkers! Zeldman has collected a marvellous array of ways to beat the spambots, and my other half has coded a way to redirect known bots with ASP

a new look

The regular visitor will note the minor redesign, I hope you like it and it works for you. Check out the new about this site section for more info.

There is now an option for all those who hate the purple – try the high contrast stylesheet from the right hand [...]

The Future Independent Web

Lots of interesting writing being posted at Independents Day – Celebrating the independent web.

Speaking of good writing, I’m currently reading “Where Wizards Stay up Late – the origins of the internet”, totally fascinating, documenting a period in history that is within my own lifetime yet seems so distant from [...]

Referrer Weirdness

SexRanks appeared in my referrer logs, its appearance has also been noted by Glen Murphy and at I Don’t Smoke. I then noticed that if you click through to that page, the referrer (where you have just come from) appears at the top of the ‘vote for [...]

excuse any break in service...

… over the next few days I will be moving this site from its current host, to a new hosting company, Chicagowebs.
Due to them being a US company and this being a domain, I have the fun of trying to get Nominet to move the domain [...]

Mmmm Beer

BeerLog – marvellous.

I’ve been too busy too post, working away on a secret project, well its not really secret but it isn’t finished yet.

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