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University of Abertay Dundee

Yesterday I made the trip by train up to Dundee to speak to the students at the University of Abertay in Dundee. My slides and some supporting links from the presentation can be found here, although the slides aren’t particularly useful standalone.

The University had asked me to come [...]

Your advice for students who want to work on the web

Next month I’ll be giving a presentation to some university students who are part way through a degree in web design and development. These students are hoping to join the industry in various different roles at the end of their course.

I would love to include some tips from other people [...]

Blog redesign

I have been posting more frequently lately, and felt that the longer entries were not very readable. This led me to spend some time last weekend attempting a bit of a redesign of this site. I’m not a designer, but I’m hoping this is an improvement over the previous templates. [...]

Should web designers be able to build their own designs?

Yesterday on Twitter Elliott Jay Stocks opened up a huge debate by stating:

Honestly, I’m shocked that in 2010 I’m still coming across ‘web designers’ who can’t code their own designs. No excuse.

Elliott has also gone on to clarify his thoughts in a blog post and I thought [...]

Women and the backchannel responses

I wouldn’t normally write a blog post in response to my own post, however I’ve had such a lot of comments that I really wanted to properly respond.

Firstly, I did not expect this to touch the nerve it so obviously has with so many people. I wanted to offer [...]

Women and the backchannel

Yesterday Drew and I were fortunate enough to be invited down to take part in the 12 hour marathon that was the live recording of the 200th Boagworld podcast. It was a brilliant day, great people, a lovely friendly atmosphere down at The Barn, and lots of interesting people [...]

Choosing web hosting

One of the great mysteries of life as a web developer is the number of people who are willing to spend several thousand pounds getting a site or web application developed, only to then want it to be deployed on the cheapest of cheap hosting.

At we pride ourselves [...]

Perch - a lightweight but powerful CMS for small sites

At we have been developing content management systems since the company began in 2001. We have developed completely custom systems, implemented third party and open source systems, moved data from one system to the other, and developed our own CMS framework that we now use for [...]

Web design or development profit share agreements

I had this post in mind for a while, prompted by Neil Dixon’s post on the same subject, however the recent post over at Carsonified and the responses to it reminded me of this subject, and that is might be a good time to add my thoughts to [...]

24 Ways returns and evolves

24 ways – the advent calendar for web geeks – is back. Each day throughout December check the site for a new article on web design or development. Drew has kicked off the proceedings with Easing the Path from Design to Development an article full of real-world tips [...]

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