CSS Grid Layout

I have been a great fan of the CSS Grid Layout Module since the early days, and initial IE10 implementation. With experimental implementations in Chrome, Firefox and WebKit it’s a great time to start really finding out what it can do.

I have spoken on this topic at:

An Event Apart Chicago 2016

29 Aug to 31 Aug 2016 in Chicago, USA

I presented on CSS Grid Layout.

An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition 2016

3 Oct to 5 Oct 2016 in Orlando, USA

My presentation introduces the upcoming Grid Layout Specification, demonstrating the features with practical examples.

Web Directions Code

28 Jul to 29 Jul 2016 in Sydney, Australia

I presented on CSS Grid Layout.

Web Directions Code

1 Aug to 2 Aug 2016 in Melbourne, Australia

I presented on CSS Grid Layout and also ran a full day workshop on new CSS layout.

All Things Open

26 Oct to 27 Oct 2016 in Raleigh, USA

I am delivering a keynote speech as well as a practical talk on CSS Grid Layout.

Frontend NE

2 Feb to 2 Feb 2017 in Newcastle, United Kingdom

I’m heading back to my native Newcastle to talk about CSS Grid Layout.

Netcentric Summit

4 Feb to 4 Feb 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal

I spoke about CSS Grid Layout at the Netcentric Summit in Lisbon Portugal.

Html 5j Web Platform Division The 17th study meeting

21 Apr to 21 Apr 2017 in Microsoft, Tokyo, Japan

While in Tokyo for the CSS Working Group meeting, a short talk to the HTML 5j meetup.

Links and further reading

Examples and information for the current spec

I have launched a site where I am aiming to keep all of my Grid information, along with lots of small examples demonstrating how to use Grid Layout. See: gridbyexample.com.

I am maintaining an up to date list of resources to help you get to grips with Grid on that site.

Learn CSS Layout online

I cover CSS Grid Layout in my online course Learn CSS Layout

A Book Apart - Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout

Get an introduction to CSS Grid Layout in my new short book from A Book Apart.