still poorly sick

I’m really fed up of being ill now. Not only am I feeling guilty about not being at work, I am feeling too grotty to just enjoy being able to snuggle up under the duvet and keep warm as I can’t stop coughing whatever I do. I’ll have to try and get into work tomorrow.

Another thing … it is school holidays so there is no dreadful morning TV to watch, dreadful morning TV being the best thing being off work ill. I’m very disappointed.

Drew had the cheek to suggest this evening that I don’t update my blog enough. This coming from the man whose idea it was that we had blogs and still hasn’t done anything about his. Granted, he is writing a book, but really!

I must sort out this page, it is next on the list of html 4.0 validating pages. So if you are reading this in a v.4 browser…. not for much longer MwaHaHaHa!!! (Of course you could upgrade)

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