First day

Today the Small Person started nursery school. Today was a day i had never envisaged, perhaps mostly because I could never imagine her big enough to be going to nursery but also because I had planned to home educate her.

Things change. She was so excited as we waited outside with the other children. She remembered the routine from the two days that we visited better than I did, found her coat hook, and was about to run off into the nursery without so much as a backwards glance,

“Bye Bethany, have a good day” I yelled after her, she turned and grinned, waved and then joined the group of other children as if she had been there every day of her life.

I went on my way to work, stopping to peek through the window of the nursery building, I saw her confident and happy looking tiny next to some of the other children and yet so grown up and sure of herself. Just then I realised that I haven’t failed her by not home educating her, there will always be things I wish I could have done, but she is growing up to be a cheerful, confident little person and however we go on from here thats the most important thing.

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