I had my first belly dancing class last night. It was so much fun, I have been wanting to dance again for so long but I knew how irritated I would be with my body if I were to go back into a dance form that I have done to a high standard before. An article in the local paper sparked my interest in this class.

Walking into the class, what was immediately noticeable was the lack of skinny girls in leotards and the number of women, chatting in small groups, women of every age and shape and size. The class was surprisingly hard work, but unpressured and fun, belly dance seems to be a dance form that can be approached at whatever level you are at and is still enjoyable to do – unlike the dance of my training that involved many years of work before I could look in a mirror a realise that I looked half decent! I’m a bit sore today.. but really looking forward to my next class.

Elsewhere, Angie makes some good comments on the nature of love and long term relationships.

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