perhaps we’ll never know

If you have spent much time reading blogs or online journals in the last few months, chances are you happened on Kaycee’s blog. Kaycee a 19 year old girl dying from cancer. Her writing touched many people, myself included.
Today, a revelation from her ‘mother’ Debbie.
“Her name was not Kaycee and she was not my daughter, but I loved her as if she had been. And I grieve her loss.
The blog was about the lives of three people who suffered, one with breast cancer, one with leukemia, and one with Liver cancer. Each were strong, vibrant, and loving individuals. Each were real. Each died much too soon.”

There is, understandably, a lot of anger amongst those online who read Kaycee’s entries, talked to ‘her’ online and by telephone and cried over her death.

Why did Debbie want to do this? Is Debbie herself real? Who was the real Kaycee? We will probably never know, as any more revelations are likely to be treated as suspect anyway.

Kaycee… fact or fiction, the reality is that the writing made me, and countless others stop and think. Think about others who are suffering, think about how fortunate I am to have health in myself and my daughter, think about someone other than me for a while.

There are Kaycees out there, suffering terminal illness at a young age, there are Debbies caring for children who they will see die. If this story moved you to donate money to cancer research or to think and pray for someone you didn’t know in real life… do it anyway, do it for those living with illness today without the benefit of someone to tell their stories to the world.

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