Meg’s mother and mine must have been twins seperated at birth… this is not the first time that one of Meg’s stories about her family has rung several bells here.
My mother is a dreadful hoader, even a move to the USA ten years ago and the ordeal of having to sort out all her stuff hasn’t stopped her and now their new house in America is as full of junk as the house we grew up in.

When I was eight we moved house. My mother came into the bedroom that I shared with my sister and scraped up the foot of debris (lego bricks, books, shoes from Barbie dolls etc.) that coated the floor, and put it all in black sacks. On arrival at the new place she just tipped out the sacks onto our new bedroom floor….

The mess just doesn’t bother her. I’m no cleanie but mess bothers me. I’m not particularly domestic but I like to have a tidy environment to relax in so I make the effort.

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