sigh …

I was dragged out of my blogging silence by this.

Methinks Mr. Sparber (a very clever man) has missed the point. If you are reading this you are here in a reasonably Standards Compliant Browser, but you can visit my Web development and Dreamweaver pages in anything you like and you can read the content.

There appears to be an unwritten law in some circles that web pages should look identical in all browsers. This is not going to happen.

One of the fantastic things of designing to standards is that we can at last build pages that work and that CAN present the content in a backwards compatible manner, even if the display of that content is not as advanced as it is in the newer browsers. The only way we could do that before was by coding multiple pages, one set for each browser version!

Today I can write a stylesheet for the W3C DOM supporting browsers, one for version 4 and earlier, one for print, perhaps a user selectable one with high contrast colours and large, user definable fonts – for those with poor eyesight. One set of pages, many ways of presenting them. All users whatever they turn up at the pages with can read the content… and isn’t our content the most important thing?

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