Wise words

The Web Standards Project replies to the misunderstandings and generally unresearched comments made by some people about the need for Standards in our authoring environment.

My recent project – which will launch any day now – wound up being totally handcoded. Why? Dreamweaver couldn’t cope with the Standards Compliant CSS layout and XHTML. I eventually decided that the only way forward was to take it out of the environment and hand code because otherwise I was writing in code simply to cope with the environment I was creating it in!

I, like the WaSP, don’t care whether Dreamweaver retains the ability to be backwards compatible by keeping its workarounds. I just want to ability to work in it and know that I am not then going to have to spend time fixing the pages in order to validate them.

If you are battling with Dreamweaver and non-valid code, check out some of my tips here.

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