just praying

I don’t have any words that can help anyone who has been touched by what has happened in America today. I’ve spoken to various people I know in those cities and I pray that all those I know are safe.

This suddenly brought home to me the global community we now live in. Every day I read and write emails, chat on ICQ or in talkers with friends from all over the world, we’ve mostly never met in person and may never meet up ‘in real life’ but just as soon as I heard of this disaster my mind was racing not just to my own family (who are safely Upstate New York this morning) but to all those friends who I knew would be in New York or Washington today.

All I can do right now is pray, pray for those who may be trapped in the rubble of those buildings, pray for those who have died, and their families. Pray for those who are working to rescue and treat the wounded. That’s all I can do… will you join me?

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