today …

… we were supposed to be flying the US to see my family, but we’re not. Part of me said we should go anyway, to not be overly worried about world events, to not give in to fear. The sensible part of me, however, realised that although the threat of terrorist action on our flight is low, the chance of disrupted travel and getting stuck in an airport far from where we needed to be was high enough to be taken into consideration. I have a business to run, Drew has a new job to go to and the Small Person would not be too impressed at spending the night in an airport.
So I’m here trying to write code, Drew is at work and the Small Person, oblivious to it all, is at nursery sticking random things to bits of paper no doubt.

“When it’s all over… when things have settled down…” I say, “when its all over then we’ll go to America”. As I say this though I realise that i haven’t got a clue what I am waiting for, and whether this is really just the beginning.

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