long absences again…

It isn’t that I have nothing to write about, sometimes I come here, to add to this, and can’t think of how to say what I wanted to say.

The big project is all but finished, it should be live in a few days. Which is good because I have suddenly become ill, and no-one knows what it is. On Tuesday last I started to lose feeling in my right hand, and my face and felt as if I had had anaesthetic. I’ve had a week of trips to doctors and various advice from all and sundry and the numbness is still there. Not as bad but I still can’t judge hot and cold with my right hand, and something feels just not right.

I’m trying not to stress, but until I know exactly what is causing this its a bit scary. I am being referred to the neurologist – at least I might get a brain scan and then I’ll have proof that I do indeed have a brain!

Other news… I’m going to be doing a course with the Open University. Starting in February I’ll be studying World Religions and working towards a BA in Humanities with History and Religious Studies.
I eventually got the Linux Box working, its now whirring away happily in the corner running Debian (Woody) and KDE 2.2 and is actually less noisy than it was when running Potato which must be a good sign (it’s certainly good for my sleep!)

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