a personal review of the year

2001 was a year in which I turned 26, a year in which my daughter started nursery school, a year in which I followed my heart and started working for myself again, a year in which it all began to work out.

2001 bumbled past in my corner of the world, the small person got bigger, my code got more complicated, the number of computers in this very small flat increased. For a miserable old sod, I’m happy … I can’t imagine things being different.

I don’t have New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve given up most things that were bad for me anyway, and I don’t need a New Year to make me decide I want to do something, and then go on to achieve it.

So, in 2002 I hope to carry on just the same, steaming past my own, personal and professional milestones whilst being with the people I love.

Happy new year, may it bring peace and blessings to all on this battered planet.

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