The small person discovers the web

Someone who isn’t five yet is pinching all the bandwidth in this flat. The small person has discovered the web and she likes it!

I’ve shown adults how to use a web browser and it took more time than explaining it to the small person, who cannot read yet! However, she knows what the back button does, not to click on the little cross at the top right, and that she has to wait for things to load.

It’s very interesting to watch her using web sites, as she cannot read more than a few words she is relying entirely on visual clues and it’s an impressive testimony to the BBC Littlekids site that she is able to spend an hour or so on there without needing adult intervention.

This weekend I’m going to make her a start page that I’ll use as her default document, so she can easily navigate to her favourite sites – she is, of course, limited right now by not being able to type a URL or even use the favourites! If you know of any kids sites, suitable for a beginning to read 4 year old – let me know.

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