Theres nothing like a nice usable web site

This is what you get if you click through the link that says ‘first time here’, on the British School of Motoring Web site. Well thank you, now that you have instructed me on how to use the web and I have downloaded an insane variety of plugins, I may now attempt to find out how to book driving lessons with you. I think not!

Update: the first time here page has gone

Aside from getting stressed about dreadful sites, I’ve just been busy as always and not getting time to update here.

Last Monday I had an MRI scan which was a bit weird but not too dreadful, and I presume that they located a brain as they allowed me to leave afterwards! I’m feeling a bit lost because I had to take my navel piercing out to have the scan, I’ve going to go have some new jewellry put in on Saturday though, I feel a bit like I’ve been walking around with no pants on all week, without my ickle ring!

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