New Site

If you are seeing this, you are at my new site – I’m not entirely sure when everything will transfer over here.

The old site was based on a very old CMS that I wrote myself and I don’t really have time to keep updated or add to so I made the decision to move to the wonderful Movable Type for my blog. My old site had become a bit like the cupboard that you have, full of stuff that you don’t really need but are too fond of to throw away, so I have done the online equivalent of moving the stuff to the loft and some of it may well make a reappearance eventually.

This site is a work in progress, I figured that if I didn’t transfer over here I would never do it, and so please excuse any rough edges as I straighten things out. Some of the archives are still to come over – and I am bringing the old study section over as a category – but it is getting there, and it feels all new and interesting again. Which is good.

Mike on the 01 Jan 2001:

Woo hoo! Looks lovely… AND you’ve got an RSS feed! Means I can tick another site off the list of site to manually check…

Simon on the 01 Jan 2001:

Very nice redesign. I like the way that the boxes at the top are randomized. Clever!

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