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I’m thinking of changing from Vodafone to Orange, due to Vodafone being stupidly expensive when making calls to phones on other networks and most of the people that I call regularly are on Orange.

However, I also want a phone that I can use to check my email with and I’d prefer to stick with Nokia, which doesn’t seem to leave me with much of a choice as far as Orange are concerned … any suggestions anyone? Should I stay with Vodafone despite their costing me a fortune because I have a better choice of phones? Should I revert to yoghurt pot and bit of string?

I’ll probably have to go speak to people in phone shops, which isn’t a favourite activity as they seem to spot a woman walking in and revert to the sort of language that the Small Person would be patronised by … maybe I should just send the Small Person to choose me a phone.

Colin on the 01 Jan 2001:

you should take a look at the orange spv or the sony ericson p8000 both have full inet access pop3 ect :D

i have the spv and its a great phone not as quick as my friends p8000

tomjleeds on the 01 Jan 2001:

I’m on Orange, have been for about 4 years. They’ve been great, I have to say.

As the above comment said, check out the P800 or the updated SPV, the E100. Both would offer what you’re looking for!

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