Don’t click on the blue e

Despite the fact that it crashes, it’s ugly and it doesn’t have half of the functionality of Firebird, I still have a kind of nervous twitch that causes me to open Internet Explorer while I’m sat at a computer running Windows … it’s like a strange compulsion to click on that little blue e. Today I found another reason not to click on the blue e. The PNH Developer Toolbar, this is so useful and there are versions for Mozilla/Netscape 7 or Firebird/Phoenix.

Over dinner Drew and I were discussing spacer images (we’re sad like that), Drew has managed to encapsulate our feelings about these items most eloquently!


ben January 1, 2001 Reply

I’ll happily second this – I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. Incredibly useful while redoing the work website, especially the W3C documentation/validation links and ‘view source’ button. It’s the simple things in life 😉

Cheryl January 1, 2001 Reply

Rachel – Thanks for the link – the PHN..Toolbar works great on my Moz in OS X .. handy handy. And so glad you’re regularly blogging. Cheers.

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