Open University Results

Today I got the results of the Open University Courses that I studied this last year – AD317 (Religion Today, Tradition, Modernity and Change) and A297 (Reading Classical Latin).

I’m very happy to have got good passes for both subjects. I had convinced myself I had failed the Latin exam and was even looking at the information about resits last night on the eve of the day the results were announced! Next year I am studying A211 (Philosophy and the Human Situation). The fact that I do this for fun probably explains something of how strange I truly am …

Mike on the 01 Jan 2001:

Groovy! Well done Rach :]
Your not truely strange… your just ‘Northern’! I can say that because my parents are both from ‘Boro so I have Northern blood… Explains a bit too!

Cheryl on the 01 Jan 2001:

Sounds like great fun….in a wonderfully mind-tickling way. Strange, maybe. Brilliant, of course!

And thanks for being so gracious in the wake of my email last week. I hope your tasks are all caught up and you can catch your breath a bit.

Cheers, C.

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