getting away from it all

On Friday the gas men very carefully investigated under the floor boards, I had expected the whole downstairs to be trashed but they did a great job of just lifting enough boards to locate the leak. By mid afternoon we had heat once again. On my way out to collect the Small Person from school, my new computer, the one bought to replace the one that hated Windows XP, started randomly rebooting. I shut it down. We went away for the weekend.

I think I needed this weekend away more than I’ve ever needed a weekend away before, having got to the point where just the sight of an email from a client; a boiler; a gas man; a landlord or a strangely behaving computer would cause me to burst into tears or start throwing things, and what a fantastic weekend it was.

In August we all attend Greenbelt festival, Drew has been going for years, the first time for the Small Person and I was in 2000. This weekend was a weekend away for those people who support the festival in one way or another, a chance to catch up with people we only see once or a twice a year, to listen to some interesting speakers and generally just have a nice time with other people who love the festival.

Drew and I ended up in a workshop on Saturday morning about blogging led by Pab, who blogs at (so much for getting away from computers although I left my laptop in its bag!). We found ourselves alongside Steve, husband of Ms. Ordinary, whose fund-raising effort I have blogged about before and a bunch of other people, some who didn’t know what a blog was, others who had been blogging for a while.

I’ll probably write some more about the weekend later, the entertainment on Saturday night was fab and deserves an entry all of its own … but I feel as if I can take on the week now, despite us returning last night to discover that the development server/domain controller had died, and poor Drew was up until 2.30am fixing it. I need to set up a Linux box to do the PDC stuff, it seems to be totally unstable on Windows Server 2003.

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Tim January 1, 2001 Reply


The last Greenbelt I went to was the last one before it moved to Cheltenham (1998 I think).

I must make an effort to go again some time. It won’t be this year, though, as we’re off on a round-europe tour for a month, leaving on August Bank Holiday Monday.

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