I recently bought a piano … not a real one with strings that need tuning (we’d never get an upright piano up our stairs) but a decent Kawai digital piano. When I was growing up we always had a piano in the house, but despite my best efforts I never managed to learn to play. At college we were made to learn piano, however despite 2 years of lessons I left unable to play anything more than Fur Elise and the first part of The Moonlight Sonata, the two wretched pieces etched on my physical memory for many years afterwards.

I bought the piano for the Small Person mainly – she shows some musical ability and is theatre obsessed so having a piano around will be useful in the future; however I have to admit to rather enjoying it myself. I’m still as dreadful as I ever was but it doesn’t matter anymore.


Dan Brusca January 1, 2001 Reply

Ahh yes, the heady mix of musical instruments and small children, such bliss! It’s only a matter of time until such classics as Ligeti’s ‘Clenched Fist On Tinkled Ivory’ and Stockhausen’s ‘Kling Klang Kling Klang 5AM! 5AM!’ echo round the great halls of Andrew Manor…

Rachel January 1, 2001 Reply

The other advantage of a digital piano is that headphones can be used … and piano played badly is infinitely preferable to recorder played badly – which is the other instrument of torture currently favoured by the Small Person.

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