Should I be offended?

Bruce rants,

people who give their kids place-names as first names, like ‘Chester’, ‘Paris’, ‘Bethany‘ or – especially irritating – ‘India’ or ‘Asia’. They should be forced to change their own name to ‘Thorngumbald’, ‘Pratts Bottom’, or ‘Swinket Mease Rigg’

I shall henceforth be known as Ms. Swinket Mease Rigg, thankyouverymuch … do you think I can register Would be fun to spell out over the phone when asked for my email address.


Dan Brusca January 1, 2001 Reply

Presumably, his own parents have had their names changed:

Your mother January 1, 2001 Reply

And where exactly is Swinket Mease Rigg?!

Kaiser Soze January 1, 2001 Reply

I really, really wanted to name my son after the tiny Somerset hamlet (two houses, two road signs) of Nempnett Thrubwell. Surprisingly, The Missus vetoed this one. Pity.

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