If you are reading this you are seeing the new incarnation of rachelandrew.co.uk which is now running on WordPress. I have to say how impressed I am with the simplicity of the WordPress install and the ease with which it imported all of the Movable Type posts and comments.

I’ve also redesigned, with a colour scheme to match my hair. I still have some stuff I want to do with this design however I wanted to get away from the spam attracting machine that is Movable Type.

mlota on the 30 Sep 2004:

Hi Rach,

Congratulations on the new design, looks great! Keep up the good work

Alastair on the 01 Oct 2004:

I just discovered your site a day before the new design was launched. When the design was updated the next day I thought “Wow, she updates her page design every day?! That’s impressive”. Of course I now realise you don’t but it’s still an impressive site. I’m enjoying your php/MySQL tutorials in Practical WebDesigner magazine which lead me here. Thanks for the fresh design. I really like it.

Mike Jones on the 01 Oct 2004:

Lovely leafs… or is that leaves?

You may want to handcode a one-item RSS files that tells people subscribed to your old feed that its moved. I only found out because I noticed bloglines had a [!] next to your feed.

Also, please make this comment box bigger!

DJ on the 14 Oct 2004:

wow, this is nice! and you say you are not a designer.. poo pooo. this is very nice

Lenny on the 26 Oct 2004:

Ummm… Great design… Congrats! ;-)

Geokker on the 03 Nov 2004:

Pink hair rocks!

Vertor on the 23 Nov 2004:

Real cool design… Congrats!

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