Hallowe’en and unexpected Google ranking

Last year, I posted to this blog about how in the North-East we carved turnips and not pumpkins for our Hallowe’en lanterns. On checking my webserver logs this evening I discovered a strange increase in traffic (especially strange since I’ve not updated for ages). The reason for my sudden popularity appears to be that I am the top result in Google for the search Turnip Lanterns doing almost as well for how to carve a turnip – if you really need to know, the best way to carve a turnip is with a drill, but I went for the soft option again this year and hacked at a pumpkin instead.

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Geokker November 3, 2004 Reply

I have a sick fetish with turnips. Turnips and sweet potatoes and possibly other deeply ugly root vegetables. I buy one a week from Tescos and put it in the veggie basket. I never eat them – I just like knowing they’re there. Just in case.

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