Happy Christmas


A very Happy and Blessed Christmas to those who celebrate.

Mike Jones on the 25 Dec 2004:

The great thing about being an adult is being able to pass the sprouts on… then you have kids and you have to eat them to show them how its done! Agh!

Happy Christmas!

Dustin Diaz on the 30 Dec 2004:

at first I thought those were grapes…

taking a closer look at them though… bleh!

Happy Christmas :)

Freda on the 02 Jan 2005:

Am I one of the last of those who likes Brussel Sprouts? A friend of mine calls them “devil’s droppings”.

Mad on the 07 Jan 2005:

What on earth is in the bowl next to the sprouts though?? Looks like mini kidneys (eww) to me :s

Sylvia Anderson on the 25 Jan 2005:

I love Brussel Sprouts… That is awesome… :-)

Peter Mount on the 26 Jan 2005:

The bowl next to the sprouts looks like the other half of a weighing contraption, with objects showing the weight of each object. Looks a clever idea

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