Syncing the Nokia 9500 Communicator with Tiger

I was disappointed to see that my Nokia 9500 wasn’t supported by iSync, however a bit of searching this afternoon turned up this thread on Mac OS X Hints. I just replaced every mention of 9300 with 9500 and it all worked beautifully. It goes without saying that making a copy of the file that you need to edit and backing up your data first is a good idea!


ben May 4, 2005 Reply

i wish – dont have tiger yet but if you come across any other nice 9500/mac items please post…
PS on the Eclipse thing a few months ago – I found it prety robost – and i even run it on a 450mhz Cube with a gig of ram.

mikegeh May 17, 2005 Reply

Wow!!u synced N9500 & MacTiger, i take my hats off to U.. I have been trying very hard without success!! plse describe this in more detail.. Thanks & Warm Regards… MikeGeh, Malaysia

Waleed July 3, 2006 Reply


I’ve tried following the instructions in the thread forum but I don’t have the .tiff file for the other Nokia phone in the first place.

Could you possibly email me your tiff file?


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