HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS, 2nd Edition

HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS, is the second edition of Sitepoint’s second ever book, originally written by Dan Shafer. I’ve updated the book to include information and advice about the latest browsers and techniques as well as rewritten the second part to explain some of the most popular CSS layouts which can be used as starting points for anyone who is just starting to use CSS. Dan’s original work was a fantastic CSS tutorial and reference and I hope that my additions serve to bring it up to date in a world where CSS layout isn’t a new thing any more.

You can get your copy from Sitepoint right now although it will eventually be in stock at Amazon and other retailers.

John on the 18 May 2006:

I work for an online training company. We need a new and better CSS title and Andrew Sweeney recommended you as an author. Check out the site and if you are interested email me and we’ll set things up. Thanks

john on the 18 May 2006:

sorry about the double posts.

Paul Byford on the 18 Jun 2006:

Rachel, I have purchased a couple of your sitepoint books recently. Well done. It is good to see the UK influencing global web standard. One suggestion for this book however… I could not find anything in the text on layouts for web forms. I would argue this is one of the common areas where tables are misused. I have found an ideal technique for forms on the web, ironically from your expert reviewer, Rich Rutter’s web log!. It would be worth including a section in forthcoming editions.

Alexis Hadjisoteriou on the 10 Jul 2006:

Hi Rachel, I am interested in both the “101” and the “Utipia” books but, being in the UK, I prefer to source them from here. lists these but there are inconsistencies. The only “101” listed is a Dreamweaver book and the Utopia book is listed as not immediately available. Anywhere else I can try in the UK or do I need to get them from the US.
Congrats by the way – the example chapters look good.

Rachel on the 10 Jul 2006:

These books are available from – as well as from quite a few bookshops (certainly in the London area anyway).

HTML Utopia (2nd edition)

David Wilson on the 28 Jan 2007:


I started with building your website right using CSS and the author recommended your books – I bought both of them and am enjoying them immensely. I’ve been on the web a LONG time, and I’ve done some design, but tables have been the bane of my existence, and I am SO happy to see CSS taking over. I’m an author, so I have several websites I need to be able to revamp, update easily, and make more visually pleasing… ( including the site I share with the love of my life,

I’m also an IT Manager, and they have been using Front Page for a long time. I have a question. If there is a site using front page and patched together with a ton of small hidden gifs making it look good…(Front Page Template) is there a good way to backwards engineer it and recreate the exact look in CSS?

I know Front Page (sort of) uses style sheets, but I don’t know how to best go about taking the old page and recreating it the right way..

Anyway..loving the book.


David Wilson on the 30 Jan 2007:

Strange. I left a comment here days ago, but no sign of it. I’m looking for a method (and I’d pay for help with it) to take an existing site and convert it to CSS (keeping the design as much as it is currently as possible) I’ve loved the books, and learned a lot very quickly, but this is a different sort of thing. It would actually make a good book on its own.


David Niall Wilson on the 13 Feb 2007:

I found my method. Using your two books, and one other, I managed to convert my entire site to CSS – there is only one table, and that could be done away with as well – it’s part of a form. Thanks for very informative tutorials…


FayeC on the 25 Sep 2007:

I am planning on getting both your books but before I do I would like to know if there are any plans on releasing a 3rd edition of the HTML Utopia book anytime soon.


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